Hormone Therapy


Photo Credit: filmfoto / istockphoto.com

2. Phytoestrogens

A sudden and profound drop in estrogen is at the root of many menopausal symptoms, so taking in natural estrogens – or phytoestrogens – could help to counter the effects. These are plant-based compounds that mimic the effects of estrogen and since their effects are milder, they’re not guaranteed to solve all your problems. However, some research suggests that phytoestrogens could help to relieve hot flashes, reduce night sweats, and lower cholesterol.

Plant compounds called isoflavones are good sources of phytoestrogens, and they’re mainly found in soy: try squeezing some more tofu, soybeans, or soy milk into your diet, but be cautious if you’ve had breast cancer or are at risk for uterine cancer.

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