Eric Patterson

    Eric Patterson
    A husband and wife smiling at each other

    Do Men Go Through Menopause Too?

    Jul 24 2018
    Andropause, or male menopause, is when men in their 50s begin to experience a drop in certain hormone levels causing an assortment of symptoms.
    Stethoscope and anatomy model of a uterus

    How Do Hysterectomies Affect Menopause?

    Jun 28 2018
    If you've undergone a hysterectomy before your menopausal years, you may be wondering about the side effects of hysterectomy before menopause are.
    Menopause, Anxiety and Panic

    Menopause, Anxiety and Panic

    Sep 21 2015
    Many women report increased symptoms of anxiety and panic during the period leading up to their final period, as well as the year following menopause.