Hormone Therapy

Menopause Therapies

Menopause can hit you like a freight train, and despite the fact that it’s a natural phase in life, the symptoms can simply be too much to bear. You may not be bedridden, but hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, and all the other mental and physical problems of menopause can certainly affect your quality of life, and there’s no reason to sit back and let that happen.

An effective menopause treatment plan will usually involve a few different therapies – pharmaceutical, traditional, and self-guided – to relieve the discomfort and take control over your health. Consider these popular therapies that show good promise in treating menopause symptoms.

1. Hormone Therapy

The most recognized therapy for menopause symptom control is also the most intense, and not every woman will be suited to it. However, for those with moderate to severe menopausal symptoms, and who are relatively new to menopause, hormone therapy may be a good option.

There are two methods to consider: systemic hormone therapy (estrogen in pill or patch form) and low-dose vaginal products (in cream, tablet or ring form). While the systemic option is more effective for a wider range of discomforts (including hot flashes and night sweats), studies show that it can also bring some dangerous side effects, so doctors are more reluctant to prescribe it these days. Nevertheless, if other treatments aren’t working and your symptoms are too much to bear, discuss the hormone therapy option with your doctor.

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