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Sex Might Become Difficult

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2. Sex Might Become Difficult

This comes as a surprise to some newly menopausal women. Due to changes in hormone levels, with estrogen decreasing, you might find your intimate area becomes dry or you go off the whole idea of sex altogether.

Some women suffer with self-image issues, feeling old or hating the physical changes that menopause can bring like dry skin, weight gain and hair thinning – or even hair loss. It can be hard to accept that your baby making years are pretty much over or to feel young and attractive when society seems to label you past your best.

There are products available from your doctor or over the counter that can help with vaginal dryness. Lubricants and topical hormones or maybe even sessions with a counselor could help restore bedroom harmony. Many women find HRT taken orally or delivered through patches or implants helps, too.

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