Stay Cool

Traveling With Menopause

Planning a trip should be a fun and exciting time, but as menopause symptoms pop up, you may begin to worry about what might go wrong rather than look forward to your well-deserved break.

One of the most frustrating parts of menopause is the unpredictability and sudden onset of the symptoms, which can interfere with your plans.

While you may not be able to control your hormonal changes and all the effects they bring, you can stay calm, cool, and collected on your trip with some good preparation, clever packing and reasonable expectations.

1. Sit Strategically

If you’re going be on a plane, train, or bus for a long stretch of time, make sure you choose your seat wisely. If you can find a spot with a bit more breathing room, take it: a seat in the aisle, at the front of a seating section, or one that doesn’t have another seat beside it will allow for better air circulation and a bit less tension (if you tend to get anxious squished in with a lot of people).

Once you sit down, check the air vent. If it doesn’t work, swiftly mention it to the attendant, and request a seat swap if possible. Locate the toilets right away, too, so you can duck in there quickly if you need to take a moment to yourself. Remember, stress can trigger symptoms, so make your journey as stress-free as possible.

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